I collect models for more than 20 years now!
Mainly Science Fiction but also 1/72 figures, tanks and planes
Here is a liste of some of the ones I am looking for
If you want to make me a present or if you have some to sell


WARHAMMER 40K, ARMORCAST resin kits...


Some ATLANTIC sets...
I prefer boxed but loose completes are ok...

Gladiateurs Legions Chars Cavalerie
catapultes flotte tours temple navire

I am looking for those AIRFIX figures in classic "BLUE boxes" ...
or for the last ones, in the original boxes, see pictures

AIR01701 AIR01705 AIR01709 AIR01710 AIR01713 AIR01714 AIR01715 AIR01716 AIR01718 AIR01719 AIR01725 AIR01735 AIR01738 AIR01741 AIR01742 AIR01743 AIR01744 AIR01745 AIR01749 AIR01750 AIR01752 AIR01756 AIR01757 AIR01759 AIR01760

I am also looking for those BATTLEFRONT
difficult to find...for a decent price...

Battlefront01 Battlefront02 Battlefront03 Battlefront04 Battlefront05 Battlefront06

and the 1/12 figures... easier to find

AIRFIX Boy scout AIRFIX Charles 1 AIRFIX Oliver Cromwel AIRFIX Joan of Arc AIRFIX Black Prince AIRFIX RICHARD 1 AIRFIX Guardsman AIRFIX trumpeter AIRFIX YEOMAN

I am also looking for those MATCHBOX kits

PK-001 PK-002 PK-003 PK-004 PK-005 PK-006 PK-007 PK-008 PK-009 PK-010 PK-011 PK-012 PK-013 PK-014 PK-015 PK-016 PK-017 PK-018 PK-019 PK-020 PK-021 PK-022 PK-023 PK-024 PK-025 PK-026 PK-027 PK-028 PK-029 PK-030 PK-031 PK-032 PK-033 PK-034 PK-035 PK-036 PK-037 PK-038

For some time I collected Kinder surprise toys but not that much anymore
anyway here are some toys I am still looking for...