As you can see, I am not really impassioned by the "real" world
I have built fantasy stuff... Spaceships, aliens, fantasy castles...
I was building traditional models then I started creating my own "weird" things
After that, I started taking pictures of them inside of miniature sets
Now I do some Photoshop work on the pictures to add them some MAGIC!

I made some special effect models, around 92-94...before turning to 3D... Those are, two spaceships, for "Citroen Xantia" and for "Crunch chocolate"
I designed them and then built them with my friend Thomas Guerigen.
There is also a mechanical fly and a computer room I designed and built with the people of EXPLORER Films one rocket for a French movie (build in one day!)

These are some models I built for Magazines, from the 90's till now... for DRAGON magazine the French edition(TM), for ABM (a French magazine), for Modelstories Web mag! ... and others...
I usualy build the model, make the set, the painted background, take the picture and make some Photoshop on it... and of course I also write an article for it! :-)

I make some props and sculptures, full size weapons replicas (Conan swords, StarTrek phasers, etc...). I also set accessories, like this "Cartoon" table for a real time set.

And then my own "projects". I still do not show a lot of them... I need to write a full backstory ... but more will come! :-)